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Brilliant Features

Here are several causes that make WebSSH worth paying attention to

  • Universal for iPhone, iPod and iPad

    You can use WebSSH on all iOS devices you want!

  • iPhone and iPod

    Although the screen is small, our UI will allow you to manage your servers with perfection. WebSSH is also fully designed to work with iPhone 6+ screens.

  • iPad

    With a relatively large screen size, our graphical interface adapts perfectly to make you forget your PC or laptop.

  • Multitasks!

    Open multiple screens and swipe between them! You can have Ping, Whois, SSH terminal, SFTP explorer and many other tools at the same time : it's time to work efficiently!

  • Community

    Thanks to the many beta testers, bugs are reported and corrected quickly, giving all users a seemless experience.

  • Look and feel

    Customize colors, sizes and type of terminal WebSSH looks great in your hands, thanks to your own customizations.

Touch the Innovations

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.

OUR Benefits

  • SFTP Client

    Yes you will be able to edit/rename/delete your files within WebSSH. And you don't need to pay more for that!

  • Saved commands

    You can store saved commands and retrieve them faster by just pressing your finger! You can also run a command at connection's startup ;)

  • Network tools

    WebSSH is not just an iOS SSH client. It also contains some network tools like Ping and Whois.

Not just SSH

So, what is the secret of the WebSSH' success? First of all, it is its friendliness.

WebSSH is not just a SSH client, it's a survival kit! With WebSSH you will be able to monitor your web servers and you will be alerted when they are down. Try it now ;)

You will also find WebSSH Weekly Digest, a weekly publication about security, virtualization and high-availability!


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WebSSH is available in two flavors : Essential and Pro

  • Essential

    Free forever
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    • SSH Client
    • SFTP Client
    • Port Forwarding
    • HTTP Client
  • Pro

    - one time
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    • SSH Client
    • SFTP Client
    • Port Forwarding
    • HTTP Client

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